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We asked Australia’s leading designers what they look for in a CV and what will raise red flags.

  • 15 th Jan 2014

  • We asked Australia’s leading designers what they look for in a CV and what will raise red flags.


    1. Express your creativity and capabilities 
    Karen Walker: "If it’s for a creative role, I want to see at least one idea that I wish I’d thought of. If it’s for more of a managerial role, I want to see clearly that they’re capable of doing the job."
    2. Keep it short and sweet Fleur Wood: "Brevity! I just want highlights and key points.  I don't have time for essays."

    Johanna Johnson: "Nothing beats a short and genuine introduction note."
    3. Be flexible with your time Karen Walker: "It makes me laugh when people put on their CV that they’re available to work Monday to Friday from 8:30am until 6pm. This is the fashion industry for heaven’s sake!"
    4. Set yourself apart Alexandra and Genevieve Smart, Ginger & Smart: "We look for presentation, logic, good grammar, and additional skills that might set them apart from other candidates."
    Camilla Franks: "I always like to see candidates show originality in their CV. A really personal touch, or something that gives me a sense of who they are."
    Nicky Zimmermann: "From a design stand point, I’m looking for a unique point of view. Something that stands out from the crowd and speaks to me. Often it’s about looking for a creative personality that will complement the team and add something to our aesthetic direction."


    1. Spelling and grammar errors
    Karen Walker: "Once I see a missing or misplaced apostrophe or a spelling mistake, I put it straight into the D pile."
    2. CarelessnessAlice McCall: "Lack of care, from appearance to sincere interest in the position and company."
    3. Jumping from job to job  Steven Khalil: "Upon receiving a CV I always look for a minimum of five years industry experience and I also look for how long the applicant has stayed in their role. From my experience, I gained most of my knowledge from growing and learning within a brand."
    Carla Zampatti: "If someone moves around every year. I want people in my business who will make a career with us."
    Alex Perry: "Having more than six jobs over a three year period or not having lasted at a previous job for more than 12 months."
    4. Addressing the cover letter to the wrong person or company
    Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston, Bec & Bridge: "The incorrect company name on the application letter is never a good start!"
    Johanna Johnson: "A cover letter or email that accidentally refers to another fashion house."
    5. Speaking ill of a former employer Alexandra and Genevieve Smart, Ginger & Smart: "When a candidate bad mouths an ex-employer, we sit there in disbelief. And it happens a lot. It is the height of unprofessionalism and we move on to the next candidate pretty fast."
    6. Applying for a job you’re not nearly qualified to do Bridget McCall, Life With Bird: "It might sound obvious but we see a lot of applications from people with a skill set entirely unrelated to the role. It’s an immediate no go."
    7. Ego
    Nicky Zimmermann: "Confidence is great but too much ego can be a problem in a creative team. Generally, a lack of passion would disqualify a candidate for any job with us."
    8. Expecting a top job immediately
    Toni Maticevski: "The expectation that they will walk into a design position straight off the bat."
    9. Bad appearance (if you score an interview) Alex Perry: "No eye contact, bad nails and dressing like you’re going to Stereosonic."
    10. Clichés
    Alex Perry: "Using the phrase ‘passion for fashion’."


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