vrijdag 29 november 2013

Color Me Confident: Change Your Look - Change Your Life!-Veronique Henderson, Pat Henshaw

Product Description

The first book from the Color Me Beautiful team-created more than 25 years ago-still continues to sell well, and the world's leading image consultancy is back with an updated look at fashion and cosmetics.

Millions of people have used this internationally recognized system to look and feel better. Think of it as feng shui for the body, a way of using color to make yourself sparkle from head to toe and glow from within. And now the Color Me Beautiful organization presents brand-new, totally contemporary strategies in an easy-to-follow and lushly illustrated volume. Guided by questionnaires, photos and palettes, and boxed pointers, anyone can do a color analysis and figure out what shades work best with her skin, hair, and eye tones. Confidence-building plans feature ideal outfits for any shape; tricks for adapting your wardrobe to different lifestyles; and ideas for developing a stylish, original approach to dress. Plus, there's makeup and accessory advice for that perfect finishing touch.

About the Author
Veronique Henderson produces and styles the Colour Me Beautiful fashion shows. She also writes fashion and beauty tips for a monthly newsletter. She has been a contributor to The Complete Style Guide, Presenting Yourself for Women and Men, and Bigger Ideas. Pat Henshaw has worked in image consulting for the past 30 years and provided personal consultations for over 6000 people. She frequently appears on TV and radio.


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