vrijdag 29 november 2013

The Art of Wedding Photography: Professional Techniques with Style

Product Description
The hottest, most lucrative trend in wedding photography is gorgeously illustrated and explained in this cutting-edge guide that shows professional photographers-and those aspiring to be-how to create the arty, hip, yet elegant wedding albums sought by today's brides. Images that look like they're from magazines or art galleries fill these inspiring pages. Taken by a highly successful specialist in wedding photography, the pictures tell their unique, romantic story with a visual artistry and excitement that differs from staid, traditional wedding albums of the past. The book explains all the creative techniques-including wedding photojournalism-that produce such compelling pictures, and also fully explores the business side of wedding photography. Everything from finding clients to shooting the event and capturing the heartbeat of the day to selling the album and getting referrals is covered lucidly, with wisdom, authority, and humor-adding up to an immensely useful guide that can transform the career of anyone wanting to break into the profitable field of wedding photography. And for future brides, the book will provide visual inspiration on the must-have photography they want for their big day.

About the Author
Bambi Cantrell, an acclaimed wedding photographer and teacher who has been on the faculty of Hasselblad University and the Winona International School of Photography, is based in the San Francisco area.
Skip Cohen is former president of Hasselblad USA and the president of a new photo-marketing company on the Web. He lives in New Jersey.


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