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Curves Rule and Flat Is Fabulous: Sexy, Stylish Looks for Every Figure- Rita Mauceri, Elycia Rubin

Viva le difference, March 9, 2009
By Jewish Mother (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews

Just loved this book. So easy to read. I related to the suggestions and enjoyed seeing actual photos of real women with not so perfect figures as well as those with perfect ones. So many books on style and clothing are only for the perfect young figure. This one covers all. The authors really know their stuff.

Empowering!, March 11, 2009
By Lona Tucker "Lona Tucker: "Avid Reader"" (Naples, CA) - See all my reviews

I recommend this book; it's empowering for women of all ages and body types. Every page has photo's of real women each with their own unique body types .Whether you're a "bellie babe", a "bustie" or both, this book will show you how to make the most of what you've got. We all play negative tapes of ourselves like, "I've got the rig cage of an ox" but what this books shows me is, instead, I can turn that thought into, I'm a "voluptuous Italian woman, a la' Sophia Loren". Create the illusion of a balanced body; the answers, the tips, the tricks, are all here. This book is on my list of gifts to give my girlfriends.

Great for all REAL women, March 10, 2009
By word chick (los angeles, ca) - See all my reviews

This book simplifies finding the right clothes for your body type. You can mix and match recommendations based on the different parts of your body. After all, who knows what an "inverted triangle" is? This book breaks it down in a fun and easy to read way.



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