vrijdag 29 november 2013

Supermodels 2008 - Gilles Bensimon

Charity Calendar of Bohemian Beauties - SUPERMODELS 2008

Helma Publishing launches the sale of a unique charity calendar with photographs of the most successful Czech beauties - SUPERMODELS 2008. This superb project is supposed to support the activity of the Happy Hearts Fund run by the famous Czech topmodel, Petra Nemcova.
The foundation`s mission is to help children from countries affected by natural disasters.The exclusive calendar features familiar names and beautiful faces of the Czech supermodels including Petra Nemcova, Veronica Varekova, Tereza Maxova, Helena Houdova, Alena Seredova, and others.

The calendar was shot by Gilles Bensimon, one of the most world-renowned photographer of these days. The main source of inspiration for artistic conception of the calendar was the era of Art Noveau and the works of Alfons Mucha.

The calendar is a perfect gift item for companies that build up and strengthen their corporate social responsibility.


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