vrijdag 29 november 2013

The Givenchy Code (Code, Book 1)-Julie Kenner

From Booklist
Everyone has weaknesses. Graduate-student Melanie "Mel" Prescott's happen to be haute couture shoes and complex codes, and who knew one would be the key to staying alive. When Mel first received a coded message from the tall, dark, and scary stranger, she thought one of her friends was kidding her, especially after she decoded the message, which read, "Play or die." But Mel quickly discovers the message is no joke and that she has somehow become involved in a real-life version of the Internet game of Play.Survive.Win. Now Mel is going to need all of her code-cracking skills, and the help of sexy Matthew Stryker, if she wants to stay one step ahead of an assassin who won't stop playing until Mel is dead. A fabulously fun heroine with a math-geek's mind and a passion for fashion outwits and outplays a ruthless killer in the latest ingenious literary creation from Kenner, whose sharp sense of wit is the perfect accessory for this chic blend of chick lit and thriller. John Charles
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"Fabulously fun.... [A] chic blend of chick lit and thriller."



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