vrijdag 29 november 2013

COLORS Cacas: A Coffee-Table Book - Oliviero Toscani

Het poepboek

"COLORS CACAS is the world's first encyclopaedia of s***. A spin-off project from Oliviero Toscani's often-brilliant COLORS Magazine, this hundred-page tome of turds documents excement from every animal. Double page spreads on llamas' black bubbly droppings are followed by wholesome images of Tibetan bear deposits, the rich lumps dumped by lions and, yes, even samples from homosapiens. As ever with Toscani's work, it's the message behind the initial shock that lingers in the mind. Informative text highlights that half the world's human population doesn't have access to adequate sanitation, and notes that corrosive pigeon droppings have the same devastating effect on ancient buildings as acid rain. It's time to think about the stink." -- I-D Magazine, Jan-Feb, 1999

"Open this book on the second page, without having glimpsed the cover, and it seems to be a book featuring fresh and delectable chocolates straight from the Godiva production line, of all shapes and sizes. Yet these seemingly edible delights are not made from chocolate, rather from caca. Yes, you heard right, from feces, mostly of the animal variety. This is the latest fantasy of enfant terrible (though he's over 50) Oliviero Toscani, father figure of the Benetton advertising campaigns and director of COLORS Magazine, one of the most imaginative and transgressive publications of the last few years. It could therefore be no other way, the first book to be made by the COLORS editorial team promises to be the hottest and most aromatic of the autumn: COLORS Cacas, a coffee-table book." -- Vanidad magazine, Spain, December 1998

Product Description
The first book from the team behind international bi-monthly magazine COLORS, Cacas is a glossy photographic encyclopaedia of feces. Each page celebrates one or more specimens of excrement from various members of the animal kingdom (including humans) and is accompanied with short revealing texts about why we do it, where we do it, and what happens to it next.


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