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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a Model-Roshumba Williams

This model wannabe is an idiot no more thanks to Roshumba!, November 9, 1999
By A Customer

My review of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a Model has to be prefaced. I, like everyone else, have always been fascinated with the world of modeling. When I was a kid, I told my mom that I wanted to take modeling lessons so that I could "stop slouching" and carry myslf better (things that she usually admonished me about). In reality, I just wanted to learn how to strut down the catwalk like Christie Brinkly and Nikki Taylor. As I started to learn more about the moves, I got curious about what it would really be like to be a model. Unfortunately, I never found out, but I always wondered. Then, I saw Roshumba's book at Barnes and Nobles. My childhood curiousity overcame me and I purchased the book on the spur of the moment. It was one of the smartest impulses I've given into in a long time. Rosumba wrote the book in such a way that I truly understand what I would have been in for if I'd pursued modeling. It's a straightforward book interlaced with lots of humor and some great illustrations! I now know what to do and what not to do; who to be wary of and who to trust; how to find the creme de la creme of support and how to avoid the scum, and more! I will probably never become a model (unless, of course, a 5'3" model becomes the in look), but Roshumba's book makes me feel that if the opportunity ever arises, I'll be ready.

No photographs or real advice..., October 2, 2004

By K. Murphy "Model Fan" (Chicago, Il, United States) - See all my reviews

I was surprized to get this book on modeling, and it had no photographs. It had advice that any model agency would give you with a simple phone call. I would not reccomend it at all.. sorry...

A boring read... it looks cheap and it has NO PHOTOS, March 16, 2004

By A Customer

These "tips" seem outdated and unrealistic. I would have loved to have seem some examples of what to do and what NOT to do, as far as posing, a portfolio, and meeting agents. It seems like it was written very fast, and sloppy, with no practical advice, and no photos in the book at all...

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