vrijdag 29 november 2013

The Prada Paradox - Julie Kenner

From Booklist
Kenner wraps up her smart and stylish Game series by looping back to The Givenchy Code (2005), now the title of a movie that Devi Taylor hopes will restart her acting career. Instead, it could very well end it permanently. Based on a very deadly, real-world version of the computer game Play.Survive.Win, The Givenchy Code is slated to become a box-office hit. All Devi has to do is finishing filming the romantic thriller with her costar and ex-lover. So when Devi receives an anonymous note informing her that she is now actually a player in Play.Survive.Win, she dismisses it as a PR stunt. But the note is deadly serious: Devi has 24 hours to solve a series of movie-related clues if she wants not only to sustain her career but also save her life. With The Prada Paradox, Kenner adds a dash of Hollywood glitz to the already irresistible hybrid of sassy chick lit and stylish suspense she perfected in the earlier installments of her Play.Win.Survive trilogy, bringing this fashionable series to a truly smashing conclusion. Charles, John
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"Another delightfully clever mix of chick-lit and thriller. Readers who like their suspense novels with a sexy edge and a wicked sense of humor will find Kenner irresistible." -- Booklist on The Manolo Matrix



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