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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, 2009

Inside the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, you'll find:

THE ROOKIES: Meet the new faces in the SI Swimsuit family: Kim Cloutier, Cintia Dicker, Lucia Dvorska, Esti Ginzburg, Jessica Hart, Damaris Lewis, Ariel Meredith and Hilary Rhoda.
OFF WE GO: Brooklyn Decker, Jarah Mariano, Bar Refaeli, Hilary Rhoda, Jessica White bring their distinct vibe to Canouan Island, in the Grenadines, the first stop on the ’09 Swimsuit tour.
NAPLES: The Swimsuit odyssey continues to mystical lands where Roman, Mayan and Ottoman cultures once flourished, and to volcanic islands that were stepping stones to the New World. Amid treasures of the past are found pillars of modern beauty with Esti Ginzburg, Daniella Sarahyba and Irina Shayk.
CAPPADOCIA: While eyeing a landscape marked by fairy chimneys, underground cities and colorful bazaars, consider the charms of Lucia Dvorska, Julie Henderson, Damaris Lewis and Anne V.
BODY PAINTING: Take a guided tour of ancient civilizations that is anthropological, archaeological and topographical. It’s fascinating …really. Artiste extraordaire Joanne Gair explains the history behind her latest masterpieces on Brooklyn Decker, Julie Henderson, Irina Shayk and Jessica White.
TENERIFE: On this rocky and rockin’ archipelago off of Africa, bikinied Cintia Dicker, Jessica Gomes and Tori Praver bring the magma to a boil.
RIVIERA MAYA: Surrender yourself to the new conquistadoras – Kim Cloutier, Melissa Haro, Jessica Hart and Ariel Meredith - who stormed this lush coastal paradise and, not surprisingly, encountered little resistance.
DAN PATRICK BRINGS BROOKLYN IN DA HOUSE: Four-time SI Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker dishes on modeling, her man and men in Speedos with SI’s own Dan Patrick.


Kim Cloutier (cloo-tee-ay)
Marlena Bielinska (Bell – Lin – Ska)
Brooklyn Decker
Steve Erle
Cintia Dicker (sin-tia)
Walter Iooss Jr.
Lucia Dvorska (Lu-ch-ia Dvor-ska)
Matt Jones
Esti Ginzburg (ginz-burg)
Rennio Maifredi
Jessica Gomes (Go-mms)
Raphael Mazzucco
Melissa Haro (har-o)
John Peden
Jessica Hart
Riccardo Tinelli
Julie Henderson
Yu Tsai
Damaris Lewis (da-maris)
Jarah Mariano (Jar-a)
Ariel Meredith
Tori Praver (Pray-ver)
Bar Refaeli (Ra-fii-l-e)
Hilary Rhoda (road-a)
Daniella Sarahyba (dan-YELL-uh sara-YEE-buh)
Irina Shayk (eh-REE-nuh sh-ake)
Jessica White
Anne V (Anne-vee)

Product Description
SI Swimsuit 2009 gives new dimension to the term "natural wonder," photographing the world’s most beautiful women including Brooklyn Decker and Bar Refaeli at the most mysterious and magnificent sites on the planet. More models, more locations, more fun than ever before! Includes Bodypainting, Rookies, Great Female Athletes, and NBA Dancers!


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