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Harper's Bazaar Great Style: Best Ways to Update Your Look-Jenny Levin

One of the best style books ever!, November 29, 2007

By Marcy Gomez (Kansas City, USA) - See all my reviews

This is one of the best style/fashion books currently in publication and - trust me - I have looked. I am a big fan of Harper's Bazaar magazine, with its glossy spreads and entertaining, clever articles so this book was on my 'must have' list as soon as I discovered its pending publication in Amazon.

This book doesn't disappoint. Fans of magazines like In Style and People Stylewatch will love how this book blends a traditional style guide with the world of fashion and entertainment. Case in point, the Table of Contents covers the following:

(1) The Basics - how to build the 'ultimate wardrobe'; the essentials; the basics; what to spend on and what to save on; and more. Among my favorites? The "Shopping Calendar" which covers what to buy at what time of the year, and "How Many" which covers how many sweaters, tshirts, coats, etc. any well-stocked wardrobe should really have.

(2) Personal Style - how to develop your own style; covers top fashion icons of yesterday and today; and the various fashion personalities (ie. Jackie Onassis and Jennifer Aniston as "classicists," Madonna as a "maverick," Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller as "bohemians," Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez as "bombshells," and so on).

(3) Fabulous at Every Age - how to look your best at every age as well as top fashion icons in every age group (and proof that you can look stylish and fashionable even well into your 70s and 80s)

(4) Celebrate Your Shape - how to dress for your shape; covers the various "shapes" as well as celebrity examples

(5) Office Elegance - dressing appropriately for work; office-wear essentials

 ( 6 )Evening Glam - party looks; tips on dressing for that special occasion or night out.

(7) Casual Chic - casual dressing; building a casual clothing wardrobe; various casual looks; weekend style.

(8) The Best Extras - accessories, accessories, accessories!! (yes, bags, shoes, jewelry, and more).

(9) Lingerie Essentials - building a basic lingerie wardrobe.

The book doesn't get too bogged down with words and text - instead, the tips and ideas are concise and straightforward and makes perfect use of the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words." For instance, instead of rambling on and describing a classic trench, the reader is provided with 3 examples of why a trench is universally flattering, a picture of a classic trench, and pictures of celebrities wearing trench coats. Another example is the section about the LBD (little black dress) - we are provided with a few paragraphs of why a little black dress is a wardrobe essential, 4 pictures of celebrities wearing their own version of the LBD, 5 pictures of various black dress styles, and even more pictures of accessories that work well with a LBD.

Readers who like visuals will love the gorgeous glossy color pictures of celebrities and clothing/accessory pieces. Those who are familiar with Harper's Bazaar magazines beautiful and elegant fashion spreads will be happy to note that similar attention has been given to this book. It is perfect as a resource guide for fashionistas, a style guide for those who want to improve their wardrobe or just need fashion help, and also makes a very attractive coffee table book. If you plan to buy one fashion/style book this season, then I very highly recommend Harper's Bazaar's Great Style.

better than many of the "how to", October 28, 2007
By catrina c (Salt Lake City, UT) - See all my reviews

wardrobe-building-and-fashion type guides on the market today. Beats the cr*p out of In Style's books. Filled with good advice, beautiful lay out and design. I will refer to it often.

GREAT STYLE = GREAT BOOK!!!, November 9, 2007
By Fashion Diva "Fashion Diva" (Florida) - See all my reviews

This book was amazing!! So many great tips, ideas and tidbits that really help! And it was easy and enjoyable to read (or in my case, devour). Its all right there in one place! I consider it the new bible of style!



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