woensdag 27 november 2013

100 Tips for Hoteliers: What Every Successful Hotel Professional Needs to Know and Do - Peter Venison (Boek)

Product Description
Twenty-two years ago, author Peter Venison's Hotel Management became a best seller in the hotel and tourism industry, labeled a "must read" on the curriculum of every hotel school, and landed on the bookshelf of every hotel manager. Despite many requests for a follow-up volume, Venison declined, on the basis that he had nothing new to say. Now he does.Holed up for several weeks in five star hotels while concluding a complicated business deal, Venison realized that the standards offered by the industry still fall short of perfection. As a result, he has put pen to paper to produce this handy catalogue of suggestions to hoteliers, based upon his considerable personal experience as a hotelier and perpetual hotel guest.100 Tips for Hoteliers guides you from the inception of a hotel to its opening and operation, offering practical tips for each stage of the journey. It should prove equally useful to hotel school students as a checklist of what they can expect, and also to practicing hotel managers as a reminder of their responsibilities.Proceeds from the sale of 100 Tips for Hoteliers will be donated to the Duke of Edinburgh Cup charity.

About the Author
Peter Venison was raised in England, and is married with four children and eight grandchildren. Since retiring from Sun International Hotels, Venison co-chairs the Duke of Edinburgh Cup, a charity for disadvantaged children.


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