dinsdag 26 november 2013

31 Nuggets of Hope: For Moms Who Said Yes to the Fatherless by Shelly Roberts (Boek)

Over the years, as Shelly has walked with countless adoptive families, she has heard their hearts. She is well acquainted with the unique challenges and heavy burdens that adoptive and foster moms face. As a fellow adoptive mom, she understands their fears and trials, and has great compassion for their needs. Even more than that, she is deeply connected to the One who offers HOPE in the midst of it all. It is her passion to pour that HOPE into the hearts of moms who have said YES to the Fatherless.

In this book, Shelly sheds light on the abounding HOPE available to these moms, their families and the children to whom they said YES. Nugget by nugget, you will be drawn to the source of all HOPE. You will come away deeply encouraged and better equipped to care for the needs of your family. You will be reminded that you do not walk this journey alone.

"As tender as it is insightful, Nuggets ultimately draws us to drink deep from the one wellspring that will never run dry: the perseverant, self-giving God who first loved us."
-Jedd Medefind, President, Christian Alliance for Orphans

"The unique experiences that come with adoption like rejection, waiting, fear, and doubt should only be addressed with God's beautiful truth. Shelly has done this for you. She's matched your emotions with the truth that can empower you. If you're an adoptive mom, you need this book."\"
-Jill Savage, Founder of Hearts at Home, author of Real Moms...Real Jesus, adoptive mom

Having completed the adoption process, I know how valuable it is to be encouraged in the journey. Shelly Roberts has done just that in her book "31 Nuggets of Hope." God has worked through their adoption journey to encourage other families. Poignant stories, bits of advice and prayerful thoughts are tied together with scripture and a prayer. Could be used either personally or in a group. All glory to God!

Shelly Roberts has a huge heart for adoptive moms. She knows the ups and downs and ins and outs of adopting kids, from all sorts of situations and with all sorts of outcomes. More importantly, she is in touch with the Father's heart for the fatherless. She desires to hold up those of us doing what God has called us to do. And this book does just that! I know I was supposed to probably only read one a day. But I couldn't stop!! Home run, Shelly!!



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