zaterdag 23 november 2013

5 tips for active entrepreneurs (Overig)

By Jack Preston - feb. 05, 2013

We all like to dream big, we all have big aspirations, but to achieve them it’s important to pay attention to the finer details. As any active entrepreneur should know, first impressions and chance meetings can make or break your business career.

With this in mind Virgin Media Pioneers have five key tips for any entrepreneur out in the field to follow, hopefully making your next big meeting ‘make’ rather than ‘break’.

1. Perfect your business card

A crucial weapon for any entrepreneur, your business card needs to include all the right information…

2. Get the conversation off to a good start
It could all quickly go down hill if you're not careful...

3. Get your appearance right
Smart, professional and ready for business. Although you can probably lose that tie...

4. Be a good listener
It's not enough to obey the rules of ordinary conversation...

5. Always be prepared to pitch
When you’re given a brief window of opportunity in the business world, such as a chance meeting in a lift, it’s key that you take advantage...

For more entrepreneurial insights, head over to the Virgin Media Pioneers website.
By Jack Preston. Content Executive. Tweets at @JackPressedOn
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