dinsdag 26 november 2013

55 Things To Do For $5: Have Fun With Less - Cherry Moore (Boek)

It’s the end of a stressful week and you’re aching to have a good time. Thank goodness it’s pay day. Oh no, rent is due tomorrow and you have to do the groceries too! Not to mention that you have to pay the day care on Monday.

Okay, forget about relaxing. You’ll just do them at home. Besides coffee is $5 at your favorite coffee shop, the movie ticket is $10-15 and a dinner at a casual restaurant is $30. And a glass of your favorite drink is $5-7. Yes, you can simply forget about going out and treat yourself. It will set you back almost $100.

Whoa, hold on a second! I’ve listed 55 things that you can do for $5. On the list, you will find things you can do to relax, be productive and earn you extra money too. The list is so varied that whatever your personality is, I’m sure you will find things you will do without hurting your pocket.
Have fun for less!

This book has good practical advice on having fun with less money. It covers all interest and shows you don't need a lot of money when choosing a leisure activity.


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