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Anjum's Eat Right for Your Body Type: The Super-Healthy Detox Diet Inspired by Ayurveda - Anjum Anand

Book Description
Translated as "the science of living wisely and well," the holistic medical system of Ayurveda teaches us how to obtain harmony within ourselves while maintaining harmony with nature. In this beautifully illustrated guide, celebrated chef Anjum Anand explains Ayurveda's three body types (doshas) and their connection to food and health. Readers can adapt each of the 75 flavorful recipes (which are inspired by both Eastern and Western cuisine) to suit their own dosha in order to get back in shape naturally and achieve better digestion, energy, and immunity.
The book includes three Ayurvedic detox options, food charts, and healthy eating tips. Anjum's Eat Right for Your Body Type is a perfect fit for any woman in search of a delicious diet plan for weight loss and optimal health.

Library Journal, online, 4/29/11
“The beautiful photographs and Anand's unintimidating style will tempt readers to give [the recipes] a try…The delicious variety of low-fat dishes will draw in Anand's fans and those curious about Ayurveda. Current practitioners will appreciate a chance to expand their repertoire.”

Tucson Citizen, 5/5/11
“Anjum…puts a fresh spin on this ancient medical system making it easy for readers to incorporate many of the Ayurvedic concepts into their busy 21st century lives.”

American Herb Association Quarterly, Summer 2011
“This book’s beautiful photos of the dishes would inspire anyone to eat healthy food!”

About the Author
Anjum Anand is the host of Indian Food Made Easy on the Cooking Channel in the United States, and her cookbooks are bestsellers in the United Kingdom. She lives in London with her family.


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