vrijdag 22 november 2013

Apricot Jam Recipe (Kopie)

YIELD: 2 pints

* 4 cups of pitted and skinned apricots
* 4 cups of white sugar
* 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice (Try to use fresh. It just tastes better!)

* Pit and peel the apricots by using the procedure mentioned above
* After the pitting and peeling mash the apricots to a consistency you want (you can smash some more while cooking too as they soften)
* IF YOU ARE GOING TO WAIT BEFORE YOU COOK - see below or your apricots will brown
* Otherwise - pour the pitted and peeled apricots into a large sauce pan
* Add 2 cups of the sugar to the pan
* Turn the burner on high.
* Don't go anywhere - begin to stir as the mixture boils
* Keep stirring for 5 minutes while the mixture "hard boils"
* Next, add the lemon juice (if you didn't earlier while the apricots were sitting. The lemon juice only needs to be added once.)
* Add the remainder of the sugar
* Continue to boil hard (stirring all the time) until the jam thickens. (see below)
* Don't walk away after you get it to the "jell" stage you want.
* You need to stir it occasionally while cooling.
* When the jam has cooled - pour into STERILIZED jam jars (or whatever CLEAN jar makes you happy)
* After you have poured the jam into jars, place saran/cellophane on the top of the jam and screw on the lid
* Store in your fridge.

NOTE: This jam recipe doesn't do well in double batches. So stick with this size. Okay

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