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Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges - Jean-Georges Vongerichten (Boek)

From Publishers Weekly
Vongerichten is a culinary adventurer, and for those cooks eager to expand their own horizons, this is a welcome record of the chef's passion: the food of Thailand, China, India, Vietnam—indeed, all of Asia—passed through the filter of his inimitable creativity and classic French training. Featuring recipes for the food he serves at his Asian fusion restaurants—Spice Market, Vong and the recently closed 66—these recipes are not for the timid or the time-pressed, but they do open a world of exciting tastes to those cooks willing to put in the time. Requiring an augmented pantry (food sources are suggested by the author) and a taste for sometimes unfamiliar flavors, the recipes are clear and results worth the effort. Crunchy Potato Salad includes radishes, chili, vinegar and just a little sugar in a lively alternative to common oil- or mayonnaise-based dressing. The recipes in the appetizer chapter are the most complicated, requiring a minimum of 10 ingredients and eight or nine steps. But further along, Beef Brisket with Onions and Chile, representing, he says, his own Alsatian-Jewish-Chinese... roots and the things I love, is simple and offers a piquant surprise. Among the many virtues of this book is how quickly the cook will use that nam pla sauce that's been loitering in the fridge for years. The recipes offer a new perspective to the jaded palates of Western cuisine. Photos throughout. (Oct.)
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The world’s great Asian chefs hail Jean-Georges:

“I am Japanese so it’s a given that I am good at arranging Asian food. Jean-Georges is not Asian but he is excellent at incorporating Asian influences into his own food, and coming up with ingenious combinations. Congratulations to Jean-Georges on the publication of this wonderful book with Asian flavors!”
— Nobu Matsuhisa, chef and owner, Nobu & Matsuhisa restaurants worldwide

“Once again you have managed to give a very unique Jean-Georges twist to the Asian food traditions, safeguarding and respecting the very essence of them, which in my opinion is a harmony of sweet, sour, salty, and just the right amount of spiciness. It creates an explosion of flavors in your mouth and a culinary experience that clings to your taste buds long after you've left the dining table.”
— Norbert Kostner, executive chef, Bangkok’s Oriental Hotel

“Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges, a savory chef d’oeuvre . . . This book of astonishing and imaginative recipes demonstrates that Jean-Georges, a fusion pioneer, remains as passionate a culinary explorer as he is a perfectionist of Asian-style cuisine. Anyone who prepares these fresh, aromatic, and seductive dishes will feel that they, too, have traveled the spice routes and street food markets of Southeast Asia. ASIAN FLAVORS presents a unique and nuanced palette of taste sensations by one of my favorite food artists.”
— Susur Lee, chef and owner, Toronto’s restaurants Susur and Lee

“Reading Jean-Georges’s latest book is a definite temptation to head straight to the kitchen right away. I draw tremendous inspiration from this respected chef and good friend’s artistic creation of exotic Asian cuisines with magical doses of Western sophistication. This book is definitely a work of culinary art that will have a permanent place among my collection of favorite cookbooks.”

— Jereme Leung, founding chef and part owner, Shanghai’s Whampoa Club

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