vrijdag 22 november 2013

Breakfast Sandwiches on Baguettes (Kopie)

Breakfast Sandwiches on Baguettes
with chevre, arugula, bacon and fried egg

-one small package of chevre
-a bundle of arugula, no more than a handful
-4-6 strips of bacon
-2 farmers' market eggs (or any egg)

1. Beforehand, cook your bacon till nice and crisp, pat dry as bacon is greasy. Then fry two eggs till over medium in a small pan.
2. Slice a baguette into thirds ... use two for your sandwich and save the other to slice into pieces for jam. Toast your baguette ... we like to do so in our oven for several minutes
3. Slice your two baguette pieces in half and spread a thick layer of goat cheese, then add your arugula.
4. Place three strips of bacon on your open sandwich with the arugula and chevre. For the final touch, add your fried egg. Place the other piece of your baguette on top and wrap your sandwich with parchment paper and tie with twine.

You can adapt this sandwich to your liking, but have fun making a savory brunch sandwich as they go perfectly with a warm cup of coffee!

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