maandag 25 november 2013

Cake Cookie Recipe (Kopie)


Preheat oven to 350

Mix together:

Cake mix box of any flavor (each mix will make about 24 cookies)
2 eggs
1/2 cup canola oil

Then stir in:

Any number of mix-ins of your choice

Then, bake for 10 minutes (make them no bigger than a slightly rounded tablespoon...they puff up!)

I made the recipe 3 times (yes all in 45 minutes) and I did chocolate, butter golden, and spice cake mixes. I put butterscotch chips in the devil's food, M&M's in the Golden and also Macadamia Nut's and white chips in the golden (I just split the dough in half), and raisins and walnuts in the spice cake. There are infinite ways you could make your cookies. It was really hard for me to pick, but I will be making more for my cookie exchange in December, so that should be fun to do completely different kinds! Happy baking!

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