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Chic & Slim Toujours: Aging Beautifully Like Those Chic French Women - Anne Barone (Boek)

Women today want to look chic and stay slim. Toujours. Forever. Maintaining a healthy, attractive appearance from the time a woman's body begins its mid-life changes into advanced senior years takes know-how. Anne Barone, who told you how those chic French women eat all that rich food and stay slim, now shares chic French women's secrets for aging beautifully. In CHIC & SLIM TOUJOURS, you learn how you can look chic and stay slim as those ooh-la-la chic French women of certain age. Toujours. Forever.

Anne Barone has been writing for years about how the attitudes and mindset of
French women allow them to live the good life. It is a life of quality rather
than quantity in terms of the clothes they buy, the food they eat, how they
spend their time and how they manage their relationships. And even as they
approach their middle years and beyond, French women continue to maintain
their looks and chic appearance. French society respects the older woman
and expects nothing less of her.

I have read all of Anne's books and have followed her at annebarone.com for years.
She offers a more thoughtful approach to living one's life to the fullest;
it doesn't matter where you happen to live or how old you are. This book
is filled with practical tips, information, and inspiration on how to remain
vital and attractive as we age.

I have been reading Anne Barone's Chic and Slim books and getting wonderful insights into living life a better way by following annebarone.com for so many years that I have come to think of Anne Barone as a wise and wonderful friend. The kind of friend that you wished lived next door or was your sister... She has been an inspiration to me and my daughters as we struggle against the American way of life (gullible of TV ads, willing to accept inferior products, feeling the need to multitask, thinking that we're doing good if everything gets done instead of focusing on the quality of what we did as well as the quality of the life we were living and the example we were showing out daughters.) I love America but the women of our country need help - the kind of sensible, practical advice that Anne offers us. I firmly believe that she has been providing this help rather quietly, unselfishly and without the recognition she so richly deserves. Other writers of French style have gone for the "flash and show" but their fame is short lived as we simply can't identify with them. Anne is an American who has had the same food struggles we do, she lives where it's a struggle to find good organic food, she doesn't have a million dollar job - she is "one of us," only as the way we would LIKE to be - chic and slim and attractive even in our later years.

Chic and Slim Toujours takes a somewhat different approach than the previous books and it contains perfect advice for those of us approaching or deep into that "certain age." This is thoughtful advice on the individual parts of our lives that can total up to a more satisfying and fulfilling life - a quality life. And isn't that what we all wish we had? Anne makes me feel that it isn't too late to have this kind of full life.

Many thanks to Anne Barone for not giving up on American women and for being willing to share her knowledge to help us as we journey to a better way of life.

I have been following Anne Barone's wonderful wisdom for years--both in her other Chic & Slim books and at annebarone.com. These are NOT your usual diet and beauty books because they are about a lifestyle and a way of being that can lead to greater contentment with one's self, less anxiety, more joy, and more chic, of course. I think it's perfect that this latest book is about aging because here in America there is a huge slice of the population (baby boomers) who are coming into a "certain age" and are likely to have difficulty adjusting to the natural changes that occur, especially in our youth-obsessed society. I would not be able to classify Anne's books as "diet," "self-help," "fashion/beauty," or "inspiration," because while they are a bit of all that, there is not the magic bullet hype that often fills the pages of those types of books. Yes, there is much that is practical and specific rather than a vague philosophy or personal opinons, so you will benefit from Anne's experience with certain procedures and types of products. There is also plenty of interesting information about particular aspects of aging and making your life the best it can be right now when it comes to health, beauty, style, and attitude. Give yourself this book (and the others) as a present to yourself--a birthday gift for your certain age.



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