vrijdag 22 november 2013

Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips Recipe (Kopie)


4 pitas (7-8´´ diameter), white or whole wheat
1/4 cup canola oil (or other light oil)
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup granulated white sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Stack the four pitas and cut into quarters, then cut each quarter in half for a total of 32 triangles in total. You can cut the quarters into thirds if you prefer a smaller chip. Place pita slices a large cookie sheet and spread into an even layer. The chips should not overlap.

Pour oil over the chips and toss the chips with your fingers to evenly coat every piece, front and back. Next, sprinkle with salt.

Place into a pre-heated 350F oven and bake for 7 minutes. Then, remove pan and flip each pice, return to oven and bake for an additional 7 minutes. At this point, the pita chips are nearly done so I open the oven door for a few seconds to release its heat and turn off the oven. I close the oven door and let the chips set for another 10 minutes. While the chips are in the oven, put the cinnamon and sugar into a paper lunch bag or small grocery bag.

Remove chips from oven and immediately place into the paper bag. Close the top of the bag and gently shake the chips to coat with the sugar mixture. The heat will help the sugar adhere easily and fully coat the entire pita chip.

Pour chips onto the baking tray to finish cooling. Store in an airtight container.

It’s important to note that you should use a paper bag, not plastic. Plastic has this funny way of melting when touched by a hot pita chip and I learned the hard way. I coated the kitchen floor in sugar on my first attempt.

The dessert pita chips can be customized to fit your taste, maybe some nutmeg, cloves, or cardamom in place of a portion of the cinnamon. A little citrus zest might go nicely too (or a drizzle of chocolate?). I look forward to playing with the flavor combinations more.

What would be your ideal seasoning for these pita chips?

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