vrijdag 29 november 2013

Closet Smarts: Flatter Your Figure with the Clothes You Already Have

Product Description

Short-waisted? Wearing a low-slung belt the color of your pants or skirts lengthens your waist like magic.
Chunky calves? Avoid capri pants and mid-calf skirts like the plague.
Poochy belly? A V-neck top will bring the eye up in the most flattering way, as long as it doesn't cling.
And hundreds more tips keyed to your figure and how to make it look its best!
Finally, the real secret for looking thinner without dieting or exercise! It's all about what you wear. In this book, women will learn how to analyze their figure strengths and weaknesses and play up their good features while minimizing their weaknesses. They'll find out how to choose the colors that flatter them most and find the clothes that will look great on them as well as avoiding clothes that will look awful. Shopping for clothes will never be a dreaded chore again!

About the Author

Emily Neill was working on her doctorate in theology at Harvard when she decided that helping people reshape their wardrobes (and improve their self-images) was a lot more fun. She's been doing it professionally ever since via her Boston-based consulting company, Closet Smarts. Emily and Closet Smarts were recently featured in DailyCandy Boston and CBS News' The Women's View.


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