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Cooking with Curtis: Easy, Everyday and Adventurous Recipes for the Home Cook

From Booklist
Stone, a former head chef in a major London restaurant, is the host-chef of the cable television show Take Home Chef. His charm and creativity, hallmarks of his show, come across in print as well, as indicated in this stunningly illustrated cookbook. His focus here is on seasonal ingredients. For each of the 24 ingredients he features, he offers three recipes in order of difficulty (Stone labels them easy, everyday, and adventurous). These ingredients, which include asparagus, pumpkin, veal, raspberries, mushrooms, and chocolate, are arranged into four chapters corresponding to which of the four seasons the ingredient is most available or most weather suitable. From prosciutto with figs and balsamic vinegar to a warm salad of smoked lamb with a cabernet sauvignon vinaigrette to slowly braised oxtail, Stone carefully guides cooks through recipes not nearly as daunting as they may sound. Brad Hooper
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Old World opulence and New World freshness combine ... Photography is of the 'in your mouth' variety. (Angela Murrills Georgia Straight 20070419)

Makes preparing meals a breeze using seasonal ingredients. (Judy Creighton, Canadian Press The Okanagan Sunday 20070506)

If you want to eat seasonal, delicious food in inspired combinations, Cooking with Curtis is a good choice. (Staci Rae Scene Magazine 20070426)

Chef Curtis Stone brings a refreshingly easy-going style to his work. (Rita Demontis Toronto Sun 20070411)

A wonderful read in which recipes are artfully presented with various levels of ease in creating dishes. (Rita DeMontis Sun Media 20070411)

[Stone's] charm and creativity, hallmarks of his [television] show, come across in print as well... Stunningly illustrated. (Brad Hooper Booklist )



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