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Creating a New Old House: Yesterday's Character for Today's Home (American Institute Architects) - Russell Versaci (Boek)

At the beginning of the new century, there's a groundswell of popular nostalgia for period houses with an authentic pedigree. Regional styles of old homes in all parts of the country have captured the imagination of homebuyers who are disillusioned with the cookie-cutter sameness of new home construction. Many are turning to the history and tradition of their own neighborhoods for inspiration in old houses--themes that will inspire and inform them in building a new home that will preserve a sense of place and the feeling of "home."
Creating a New Old House explores how architects, builders, and craftsmen are reinterpreting the traditional American house. Through photographs and engaging text, brief discussions of history and craftsmanship, and occasional sidelong glances at the workings of real old houses, Versaci employs his "Pillars of Traditional Design" to explain how traditional houses go together and what gives them their unique design appeal. The author explores the creative work of architects, builders, and craftsmen from all corners of America who are creating new "old" houses in a revival of the distinctive traditions of American homebuilding--and refitting them to work for the demands of modern family living.

People love old houses. Versaci explains why, and shows what it takes to create such enduring quality in home design today.& quot;
--Philip Morris, former Senior Architecture Editor, Southern Accents

Versaci presents a masterful survey of the best in new, historically inspired homes...and shares the techniques that architects use to achieve historical resonance and emotional impact.& quot;
--Clem Labine, Editorial Director, Traditional Building

The quality of the architecture presented in this book is excellent--Andres Duany, architect, founder of New Urbanism, Duany Plater-Zyberk & amp; Company

About the Author
Russell Versaci, AIA, has built a first-class reputation as a designer of new homes in traditional architectural styles and is a principal in the firm Versaci Neumann & Partners of Middleburg, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. His work has been featured in national magazines, including Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Southern Accents, and Southern Living. Recognized for his expertise by his peers in traditional design, Versaci is a founding member of the Institute for Traditional Architecture, a select guild of architects dedicated to teaching the art and craft of traditional building. He lives in Middleburg, Virginia.



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