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Creative and Cheap Ways to Say “I Love You” (Overig)

Guest post from Kathi Lipp of

One of the most frequent questions I get is “I know you leave a lot of notes for your husband, but how do you do it?” It seems some women are intimidated by leaving little, encouraging notes for their man – as if they aren’t going to do it “right”.

So here are a few fun, creative, and inexpensive ways to leave a note of encouragement for your man to get you started:

1. Use Post-it Notes.

As a certified “Office Supply Junkie” I always have a variety of Post-it Notes at my disposal. I leave love notes in his car, in our bathroom, on the fridge, and in his lunch. Anywhere that I can “plant” it in advance for him to find at a later date.

2. Write in Lipstick on Your Bathroom Mirror.

3. Spell “I Love You” With Hershey’s Syrup on a Plate.

Add vanilla ice cream and strawberries for an elegant and tasty add-on.

4. Send A Banana-gram.

When silliness is called for, nothing brings it on like a banana. Just use a Marks-a-lot maker and get creative.

5. Leave Chocolate and a Note on His Pillow.

6. Create a Background On His Computer That Says “I Love You!”

7. Leave a Love Note in His Jacket Pocket.

8. Text Him a Love Note While He’s at Work.

9. Send a Note to His Work Address.

Don’t send a big red envelope with hearts and flowers all over it (unless he enjoys being the center of attention!) but a plain white envelope with some sweet nothings tucked inside would be a welcome break from him day to day work routine.

10. I Love You Because… Mailbox

Come up with your own list of why you love your husband, and then create little messages for each of those reasons. I bought the mailbox in the Dollar Bin at Target and cut up some festive scrapbook paper to create the little notes.

11. Spell it Out on a Scrabble Board or With Pepperoni on a Homemade Pizza.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. If you need more creative love note ideas, check out my free “21 Post-it Note Sized Encouragements” download on my Facebook Page

Kathi Lipp is the author of seven books including Praying God’s Word for Your Husband. For more free goodies from Kathi, check out her website at
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