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Cup of Comfort Classic Edition: Stories That Warm Your Heart, Lift Your Spirit, and Enrich Your Life - Colleen Sell (Boek)

When life gets tough, sometimes a warm drink and a good book are the only solution. A Cup of Comfort supplies both in one: stories of just a few pages each that will leave you feeling as refreshed as if you've just sipped a cup of tea, and entirely caught up in the moments described by the stories. Small enough to tuck into a purse or coat pocket, this is the perfect book for your daily commute or coffee break. Recurring themes of generosity, compassion, and mysterious blessings are the only thing the stories have in common, as each is written by a different author in an entirely different style. While many of them focus on a particular event such as a holiday, a wedding, or a death, there are plenty that reveal the larger lessons and surprises in a walk to the store or a parent-teacher conference. If you're searching for a bit of encouragement and a reminder of humanity's positive side, you're sure to find a treasure or two in this wise little book. --Jill Lightner --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.
Product Description
Whether you are a new Cup of Comfort reader or an avid follower of the series, you will truly enjoy this updated version of the book that started it all. A Cup of Comfort Classic Edition revisits the stories that have warmed millions of hearts. Graced with several new moving stories, this book can inspire you as it has these and many more readers:
"When everything seems crazy and negative, these uplifting stories are such a welcome respite. Everybody should take a few minutes here and there and read the stories to remind themselves of the good in the world."-Amy E. Lively, Cincinnati, Ohio

"The stories in this book are so nicely done, very uplifting and moving without being syrupy or sappy. A really encouraging read."-Carman T., DeWitt, Michigan

"Thank you for collecting such wonderful, heart-warming stories for the first Cup of Comfort book. . . . I was so enchanted with the book."-Sarah Khan, Stoke-on-Trent, England

A Cup of Comfort Classic Edition promises to deliver you the same inspirational warmth everyone has come to love.

Colleen Sell is the editor of more than sixty published books, including many titles in the Cup of Comfort series. She has also been an author, ghostwriter, magazine editor, journalist, columnist, essayist, and copywriter. She lives in Eugene, Oregon.

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