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Cut Your Coffee Costs in Half By Roasting Your Beans at Home (Overig)

Guest post from Anne of Modern Mrs Darcy

At my house we love our coffee, and not just any coffee will do. We enjoy high quality, freshly roasted beans — and if you know anything about great coffee, you know that gets expensive, and fast.

But we found a way to cut our coffee costs in half, without sacrificing quality, and I’m shocked more coffee lovers don’t know about it:

Cut your coffee costs in half by roasting your beans at home.

The process is simple. You only need two things:
1.Green (unroasted) coffee beans. Your local coffeeshop may sell these (in my town green beans typically sell for half the price of roasted) or you can order online from Sweet Maria’s, the go-to source for home roasters.
2.A hand-cranked popcorn popper OR a baking sheet, and a wire perforated colander. (Both are easy to find secondhand.)

There are two methods for inexpensive home roasting:
1.Oven roasting (on a baking sheet)
2.Air roasting (in a popcorn popper).

Both methods take 8-15 minutes a batch.

Oven roasting isn’t hard, requires no special equipment, and is cheap to try out. Find directions here.

Air roasting requires more hands-on time and nonstop cranking, but your results will likely be better. Find directions here.

Home roasting isn’t perfect: you’ll probably have to throw out your first batch. Roast level can be inconsistent. Your kitchen will get a little smoky. And you’ll never be able to use that popcorn popper for anything else.

But the benefits are pretty fabulous:
?You can custom roast your beans to suit your taste.
?Green coffee beans stay fresh much longer than roasted, so you can maintain a steady supply of freshly roasted coffee without running to the grocery twice a week.
?You can cut your coffee costs in half.

Home roasting is for serious coffee lovers!

Don’t try this at home if all you care about is the cost savings. If you don’t love it, it’s not worth it; you’ll be happier buying Folgers with coupons. But if the craft of coffee roasting appeals to you — if you think roasting your own sounds fun and fascinating — try the DIY route. Many serious coffee geeks enjoy the process, and the savings.

Anne Bogel loves strong coffee, long books, and big ideas. She puts a timely spin on timeless women’s issues at her blog Modern Mrs Darcy. Head here to get her free ebook Paper Gains: A Guide to Gifting Children Great Books from Modern Mrs Darcy.
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