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Cutie Pies for Kids - Jennifer Adams

Book Description
ACCORDING TO NATION'S RESTAURANT NEWS, pie is the top food trend of 2011 and "mini" is the top buzzword. So what better than a book about mini pies for the "mini" food-lovers in your life? Author Jennifer Adams ushers in the hottest new trend in the food world with Cutie Pies for Kids, a collection of mini-size dessert favorites. With 26 recipes, from creamy pies to fruit pies to extravagant pies like Chewy Gooey and Baked Alaska, Cutie Pies for Kids has every kind of pie you'd want, but in adorable miniature form.


Go Bananas! White Chocolate Gingersnap Pistachio Cream Pie Pear Tartlet Somethin' Phishy Fluffy Raspberry Chewy Gooey Pirate's Limey Chocolate Satin and Ribbons

Jennifer Adams is a writer and cookbook editor. She is coauthor of 101 Things To Do With Cheese and 101 Things To Do With Gelatin. She lives in Salt Lake City.

Creative ideas for cooking up bite-sized desserts

From the Back Cover
For my Aunt Alison, from her favorite Cutie Pie

With special thanks to:

Lemon Meringue Anita Wood
Fresh Peach Charley Adams
Cream Cheese Kellie Robles
Pumpkin Linda Adams
Satin and Ribbons Madge Baird
Key Lime Melissa Dymock
Cherry Rhubarb Michelle Branson
Coconut Cream Nate Adams
Banana Cream Renee Bond
French Apple Sheryl Dickert Smith
Lemon Meringue Suzanne Tayor
Pecan Zac Williams

About the Author
Zac Williams is the president of William Visual, a production company that creates media and photography for advertising and publishing clients. He has been the principal photographer on morethan 100 national books and publications, including most of Barbara Beery Pink Princess cookbook series. Zac lives with his family in Pleasant View, Utah.

Jennifer Adams works as a writer and editor in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the author of Remarkably Jane: Notable Quotations on Jane Austen. Y Is for Yorick is her ninth book.


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