dinsdag 26 november 2013

Czech Cooking Soups and Goulash - Jana Mladek (Boek)

Czech Cooking : 40 Traditional Soup and Goulash Recipes From The Czech Republic
Czech Cooking is a collection of recipes collected, preserved and authored by Jana Mladek, a USDA employee in food safety and vaccine development for more than decade. The recipe collection ranges from the traditional Czech recipes passed down through Bohemian ancestry or translated from antique 1800's cookbooks and adapted for American kitchens to our own original recipes with more diversity reflecting our lifestyle and new trends in Czech Cooking. This is the fourth Kindle ebook in this series. Czech Cooking volume IV contains 40 soup and goulash recipes including soup dumplings and a bohemian rye bread bowl along with conversions and substitutions used in cooking today.

I've been to Czech and on several attempts have attempted to make certain dishes and this has made cooking so easy for me. The writer has several other books for my kindle and they're amazing. I've been on a cooking spree the last few months and most of the recipes were from her books. Looking for ingredients was easy as having most of them in the pantry. If you like Czech dishes or just a good home cooked meal. Try this you will not be sorry! I'm so happy I found this app for my Kindle!

I love trying new dishes, so this cookbook caught my eye. There are 40 + recipes in the book. You can see the great possibilities in this cookbook because of the fabulous titles of just a few of those dishes -

Soup with Liver Dumplings
Tripe Soup with Smoked Meat
Caraway Soup
Fried Farina Soup
Garlic Soup
Czech Goulash
Beef Goulash with Pickles
Smokey Prague Goulash
Bohemian Rye Bread

I was really impressed by the offerings here. For that reason alone, I think it's a good cookbook to have available as a resource.

The three star review comes from the fact that I think the author could have done a few things to make the cookbook more user friendly. First of all, there is no searchable index or table of contents in the book. I feel that it makes a world of difference to have a searchable index in a book like this one. I also noted a couple of typos in the lists of ingredients and in the directions which make it difficult to guess what should be used/done in those recipes.

My last suggestion would be for the author to offer an explanation for the Maggi seasoning which is a key ingredient for many of the recipes. I found the item when I did a search online, but I don't feel it's something which the average American cook is going to have on the shelf. For that reason alone, I think it would have been nice to include a description of the item since it features in so many of the ingredient lists.


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