donderdag 28 november 2013

De parel en de draak - L. Ruben , B. van Ogtrop

De parel en de draak (The pearl and the Dragon) is a book full of photographs, moving pictures and personal stories for anyone who wants to know China better. A Chinese book of life, about a country moving, for people of all age.

From a primal sneeze of the Chinese dragon arose a pearl. The dragon breath released while sneezing, clenched themselves together into a flaming pearl. From that moment on the dragon had a pearl to play with. Through his playing with the pearl there arose movement in heaven and earth. Through this movement emerged the heavenly life energy that flows through everything and everyone: qi [pronounced chee].

De parel en de draak is not a fairytale. The stories are based on meetings of the authors in China. Little has been invented. The stories of Danny Yang, Bingbo and parkour riders Chao Li, Lei Wang and written on their bodies.
The book characters from the terracotta workshop and the umbrella factory, Spiderman, the window cleaner, the boy a dragon under the mud for sale, the businessman, the school girl and the manager of the restaurant are composed of several meetings.
The book also shows how to count to ten in Chinese in word, gesture and writing. You will find the character that belongs to your Chinese birth, the recipe of dragon scales and how to do eye gymnastics. The book ends at the Olympic Stadium The Bird's Nest, which receives a new heavenly destination.

De parel en de draak was written by Liesbet Ruben and Babette van Ogtrop, employees of Tropenmuseum Junior. The design of this particular book was created by Thonik.

The book appears to the exhibition 'The Qi of China' in Tropenmuseum Junior, from October 9, 2009 until spring 2012.

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