vrijdag 29 november 2013

Designed for Kids: A Complete Sourcebook- Phyllis Richardson

Product Description
A wide range of delightful products created for children and their design-conscious parents.

In recent years material invention, technical innovation, and new manufacturing processes have greatly widened the range and availability of design products. But until now, consumers and professionals alike have lacked a book on one of design's major growth areas: design for children.

From nursery to pre-adolescence, from strollers to lamps, from chairs to toys, there is an entire world of "high design" waiting to be discovered by parents with design sense and style—if they know where to look. Phyllis Richardson has done the research for parents everywhere, trawling the blogosphere, poring over countless catalogues culled from around the world, reviewing every design Web site, and applying her own practical judgment as a mother to present over 450 of the most wonderful objects available for children.

Interviews with international design gurus, including Paola Antonelli, Yves Béhar, Tom Dixon, Greg Lynn, John Maeda, and Scott Wilson, illuminate the design process and are interspersed through the book. 754 color illustrations.

The categories include:
• Nursery
• Furniture
• Meal Times
• Toys
• Electronics and Lighting
• Decoration and Textiles
• Accessories
• Mobility
• Travel

About the Author
Phyllis Richardson is an American writer whose most recent books include XS Green: Big Ideas, Small Buildings and the London, Paris, and Barcelona volumes of the StyleCity travel series. She lives in London with her husband and three children.



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