vrijdag 29 november 2013

Disappearing Architecture: From Real to Virtual to Quantum by Georg Flachbart, Peter Weibel, Aaron Betsky, and Ole Bouman

Product Description

Architecture has always been a multi-layered discipline playing a catalytic role within society: architecture as representation. Recent developments in nextgeneration computing of the beyond-the-desktop-era (autonomic, grid, ubiquitous and quantum computing) are, however, set to challenge this role. In order to stay in synch with these developments, architecture must significantly change: architecture as an enabling platform that does not prescribe any particular kinds of spatial experiences, but enables them all. In this volume, based on the principle of shared research interests with internationally renowned scientific institutions, research labs and architectural studios, the editors propose a new kind of architecture - heterarchitecture -, conceived as a quantum object in which real space (1, OFF-line) and virtual space (0, ONline) are literally superimposed, thus obeying the rules of quantum mechanics (1 and 0, OFF and ON at once) rather than classical physics. It is an architecture against architecture - at least of the traditional kind, which recognizes only either-or; either 1 or 0, either inside or outside, either enclosing or excluding. It is an invisible architecture that makes numerous parallel virtual worlds visible. It is an upside-down architecture: architecture as a pure infrastructure. Welcome to the Multiverse!


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