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Easy Chinese Recipes: Family Favorites From Dim Sum to Kung Pao by Bee Yinn Low (Boek)

Growing up in a Chinese household in Malaysia where cuisine and culture were inseparable, Bee Yinn Low developed a deep love and appreciation for food. Her early memories of helping her mother prepare steamy and fragrant Chinese meals solidified into a way of life for Bee as a working woman in Southern California. A love of Chinese food didn't translate well to a modern Western lifestyle due to time and ingredient constraints. Rather than give up her favorite foods, Bee experimented with recreating the unforgettable flavors of her youth with her limited time and using ingredients found in local supermarkets. She managed to develop versions of her favorite Chinese dishes that had all the taste—but were a lot less work!

In Easy Chinese Recipes, Bee shares her passion and expertise in Chinese cooking. It features a collection of Bee's all-time favorite dishes—the foods she loves to cook and eat at home. She includes updated traditional family recipes along with her own versions of the best Chinese restaurant dishes from around Asia, such as Crispy Shrimp Dumplings, Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet-and-Sour Pork, Homestyle Chow Mein Noodles and Mongolian Beef.

Building off her passion, expertise and the avid following she has on her website, rasamalaysia.com, the Internet's most popular Asian food and cooking site, Easy Chinese Recipes is sure to become the go-to book for cooks interested in creating Chinese meals at home.

Editorial Reviews
"Easy Chinese Recipes is a clear guide to help you cook Chinese for your family and friends. Bee Yinn Low is a multi-talented writer and cook, her easy to follow recipes along with her own beautiful photography makes this a book you will reach for over and over again."—Robert Danhi, author and photographer of Southeast Asian Flavors

"This book gushes with Bee Yinn Low's enthusiasm for pursuing and preparing tasty Chinese food."—Andrea Nguyen, author of Into the Vietnamese Kitchen

"What a gorgeous, heartfelt, fun, and inspiring book! From pot stickers, roast pork, steamed fish, original chow mein, and much more, Bee Yinn Low demystifies one of the world's greatest cuisines through this amazing trove of utterly authentic yet accessible recipes. If you love Chinese food, you must—and I mean must—own this book."—Harris Salat, food writer and co-author of The Japanese Grill

"From popular dishes such as dim sum and dumplings and Mongolian beef to healthy options such as lettuce wraps and desserts such as sweet peanut nuggets, Easy Chinese Recipes is for lovers of Chinese food who want try their hand at making them at home."—Tampa Tribune

"Page after page of mouthwatering Chinese takeout dishes, from siu mai to kung pao chicken and, yes, even chow mein."—Audrey Magazine

"Asian cooking can often seem intimidating, especially all those folded dumplings, puffy pork buns, and spicy dishes that we love to eat at Chinese restaurants, but look too daunting to make at home. Bee Yinn Low knows her audience due to her popular blog, Rasa Malaysia, so writes recipes that are truly easy in scope, with step-by-step photos to show readers how to roll an egg roll or whip up a batch of won ton wrappers (for those who want to make them themselves.) As a big fan of chow fun (wide rice noodles), I was happy to see a few recipes for them, as well as her "tried and tested" method for making Crispy-skinned Pork Roast in Easy Chinese Recipes. Man, does that look good."—David Lebovitz, author of The Perfect Scoop and Ready for Dessert

"When Bee Yinn Low began blogging on RasaMalaysia.com in 2006, it was simply a way for the California-based professional recipe developer to keep in touch with her family in Penang. Her innate feel for Asian cooking—particularly Chinese, Malaysian and Nyonya dishes—and eye for food photography and styling quickly garnered the attention of online foodies. Five years and some 400 recipes later, Low has distilled her lifelong passion into her first cookbook, Easy Chinese Recipes (Tuttle). Low's 144-page cookbook also features her nostalgic tales of growing up in a Malaysian-Chinese household, as well as memories of Asia, her culinary inspiration."—Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia

"One of the first things I do with a new cookbook is thumb through the pages to get the feel for the layout. Low's book has great photos of the dishes and photos showing tips/techniques; I wouldn't expect anything less from a world-renowned blogger (http://www.rasamalaysia.com/). A few more likes, especially appreciated in ethnic cookbooks, are the chapters containing cooking tips and techniques; description of equipment and utensils; and, more importantly, a description of ingredients with photo's of the common brands of bottled and jarred sauces/condiments. I may not be able to read Chinese, but I'm pretty good at matching pictures."—TheDaringKitchen.com

"The theme is "easy," but Low offers an intriguing range of Chinese food, not just pared-down, simple dishes for beginners."—LA Weekly

"Keeping matters simple without descending into the simplistic, Low presents a few dozen standard Chinese recipes from both Cantonese and Sichuan traditions."—Booklist

"The book is a labour of love for Low, who in addition to penning the recipes and explanations, also styled and shot the food—in all 80 Chinese dishes harvested from her blog entries. You will find popular Chinese classics like Fried Rice, Tea Leaf Eggs, as well as dim sum items that Low has perfected at home, and American favourites like Mongolian Beef, and Beef with Broccoli. This book is ideal for beginner cooks and those looking for some simple, mid-week meal ideas."—Flavours Magazine

"Her recipes are beyond amazing, and her photography is just stunning to say the least."—Babble.com

"And now Bee's authored the cookbook Easy Chinese Recipes, Family Favorites from Dim Sum to Kung Pao, featuring over 80 Chinese recipes perfect for the novice cook and anyone that doesn't have a Chinese restaurant right next door."—FoodieCrush.com

"Plumb Bee's debut cookbook and you'll find interesting nuggets of information that sheÆs plucked from Asian kitchens. To frame her book "easy" is to downgrade it because "easy" often connotes shortcuts. In reality, the book is dotted with nifty tidbits to help you understand certain aspects of Chinese cooking."—VietWorldKitchen.com

About the Author
Born and raised in Malaysia, Bee Yinn Low is a Chinese-Malaysian. She is the publisher behind the hugely successful and popular Asian recipes site at Rasa Malaysia (RasaMalaysia.com,), which is currently the largest independent Asian recipes blog on the web. Previous to her blog, Bee worked as a business executive in a one of the world's largest media companies, specializing in social media, online marketing and international business development in the United States, China and other Asian Countries.



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