dinsdag 26 november 2013

Everywoman's Travel Journal - Ten Speed Press Staff (Boek)

A stylish and helpful journal designed specifically for female travelers.

The perfect traveling companion, EVERYWOMAN'S TRAVEL JOURNAL is newly redesigned for the savvy and reflective adventurer. It includes lined and blank pages for journaling and sketching, with handy information tailored for women travelers on security, dress, and natural remedies that combat common travel ailments. Lists and tips on packing, shopping, etiquette, and avoiding jet lag round out this conveniently portable journal, and an inside pocket holds postcards, receipts, mementos, and documents for safekeeping. Filled with traveling advice no woman should leave home without, EVERYWOMAN'S TRAVEL JOURNAL is both useful and inspirational.

Editorial Reviews
From the Publisher
* A stylish and helpful journal designed specifically for female travelers.
* Features an elastic closure, inside accordion pocket, and flexible binding.

I reviewed the "Everywoman's Travel Journal" several years ago, and wanted to point out that the journal being sold here is NOT the same as the one reviewed here by me and several others. I ordered three of the new ones, thinking I was buying the original one, only to find that it is totally different. This new one is nothing like the original. There is no plastic cover, and the contents are not the same. It also has fewer pages, and does not appear like it will stand the test of time like the older one. The spine doesn't appear to be as sturdy, either. It has an elastic page holder but that, in itself, does nothing to improve on the original, in my opinion.

This new journal is okay in itself, but is definitely not up to the standard of the original one. I just wanted to make clear that, if you are ordering this journal, you will NOT be receiving the same journal as in the past.


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