maandag 25 november 2013

Family Organization Binder (Overig)

One of the things that keeps me (and our family) most organized is our Family Organization Binder. In this 2-inch binder I store everything that our family needs in one place.

I have dividers for the following:

•Meals and Menus
•Home Management
•School and Activities
•Address and Phone Numbers
Every bit of important information goes into this binder so that if we ever needed to evacuate our house, everything of importance is in this one place. It also serves as reference and storage for all of those papers from school, work, etc.

Two of my most used areas are my grocery list and weekly meal plan. My husband knows where to find the grocery list, so if he uses anything up, it goes right on the list. I have my grocery list organized by the aisles in my favorite grocery store, and most purchased items are already typed in so I just need to check them off. This saves a ton of time each week. No more slips of paper laying around.

Another area we use often is our Medical Log which keeps track of the childrens' illnesses and medications. It's all in one spot, dated, so that when we need to speak with our doctor, we have an accurate account of temperatures, medications, symptoms, dates, etc. I also never have to try and remember (or communicate with another caregiver) if I have given a medication on a certain day. Once the medication is dispensed, the date and time go on the log. This has been invaluable. I now have almost three years of medical history on my children.

To help you get started on your own organizational binder, I've compiled some documents that you can download and print. Some of them you'll simply insert into your binder and others you can fill in. The first file, Family Organization Binder, contains three pages that list each divided section that you might want to have, along with a list of documents that might go into that section.

Feel free to download any of these documents to get started. Make this binder work for you by including any information or documents that you feel will help keep your home (most likely your kitchen) paper free. If you have any questions, post them in the comments and I will respond!

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