dinsdag 26 november 2013

famous: Through the Lens of the Paparazzi (Boek)

Celebrities rule the modern world, and close behind them are the paparazzi, fuelling the medias endless fascination with the rich and famous, while they themselves keep a low profile, fading chameleon-like into the background. Bruno Mouron and Pascal Rostain are two respected photo-reporters, based in Paris but ready to go anywhere in the world for a scoop. They began working together in the late 1970s as contributors to the magazine Paris Match, and by 1986 they had set up a formal partnership, founding the agency Sphinx. Over the decades, they have honed the instincts required to catch the moment when a glance, a pose and a setting are most perfectly matched, capturing movie stars and models, rock stars and royalty. This book presents a selection of their best work from the last 25 years. Packed with striking black-and-white images that hark back to the golden age of photo-journalism, famous challenges us to recognize, appreciate and celebrate a fresh frame of reference through which great photography can be judged.


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