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Feng Shui Your Life: Second Edition by Jayme Barrett, Jonn Coolidge and Mary Steenburgen (Boek)

In this new and updated edition of a classic in feng shui and interior design, Jayme Barrett reveals how to transform your home so that it enriches, nourishes, and changes your life by bringing mind, body, and spirit into balance. New information includes tips for finding inner peace in today's technology-saturated world, adding storage solutions, making rented spaces your own, practicing nurturing and evening rituals, and more.

"Books like "Feng Shui Your Life" usually languish on coffee tables, picked over like so many hors d'oeuvres. But this one is more than just a pretty face. It's a practical, inspiring roadmap to clearing clutter from your life, and the first on Feng Shui I've seen that isn't just for people who can afford to throw out their broken things and buy new ones. It is, in other words, a helpful basis for true change." -- Susan Salter Reynolds, "Los Angeles Times Book Review "

About the Author
Jayme Barrett is a certified feng shui consultant specializing in energy techniques for personal fulfillment, prosperity, and integrated health. For over 15 years, she has studied Eastern and Western healing traditions, life coaching, and spiritual practices from teachers around the world. Her inspiring and transformational work with individuals, businesses, and corporations has made her a sought-after speaker on feng shui and life enhancement. Jayme consults on residential and commercial properties and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

About the autor
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As seen on "The Today Show, best-selling author Jayme Barrett is a leading authority on Feng Shui living and personal fulfillment. Jayme empowers individuals to design their lives for increased balance, energy and motivation. For the last decade, Jayme has been the driving force in changing the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Jayme's philosophy is simple and effective. When one displays symbols of beauty, abundance, success and love within their home and work environment, it creates a manifestation of the life they want to live: a blueprint for their destiny!

Jayme's book, "FENG SHUI YOUR LIFE", continues to be the #1 most popular feng shui book. In August, 2003, "FENG SHUI YOUR LIFE" hit the Los Angeles Times Best Seller list and is still the top feng shui book on Amazon.

Jayme specializes in techniques for personal fulfillment, prosperity and integrated health. Many of her clients come from Hollywood, including Mary Steenburgen, Ted Danson, Sela Ward, Alyson Hannigan, Chad Lowe, Suzan-Lori Parks as well as TV directors, successful fashion designers, and movie executives. In the business world, her clients include attorneys, hotels and spa owners, financial planners, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, car dealerships, talent agencies and retail boutiques.

Jayme has appeared nationally on NBC's "The Today Show" and "The Other Half," E! Entertainment's "Will Work for the Stars," Style's "Dress my Nest" and "Modern Girls Guide to Life," HGTV's "Country Style," and Soapnet's "SoapTalk." She has written articles and been featured in magazines including Self Magazine, Health, ELLE UK, Body Soul, Woman's World, Redbook, First for Women, Parents, Healing Lifestyles and Spas, Delicious Living, The Nest, Yogi Times, American Spa and Healthy Living Magazine.

Jayme gives key-note speeches and workshops for businesses, corporations, retreat centers, resorts, and non-profits in the United States and worldwide. She has been a speaker at Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. studios, Omega Institute and Canyon Ranch as well as many charitable organizations. One of her favorites is Turning Point, a transitional housing program that helps the homeless secure jobs and apartments.

Jayme's international seminars in Hong Kong, Morocco and Mexico have inspired people from multiple races, professions and backgrounds. She regularly offers free consultations to raise money for Educational Programs, Aids and Cancer research. Jayme's personal charity is Children International.

Jayme is a graduate of UCLA, having earned a B.A. and graduating Cum Laude. For over fifteen years she has studied Eastern and Western healing traditions, life coaching and spiritual practices from teachers around the world. As a certified feng shui consultant, her inspiring and transformational work with individuals, businesses and corporations has made her a sought-after speaker on lifestyle feng shui and inspired living.

Jayme Barrett resides with her husband in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit 

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