donderdag 28 november 2013

Game: A Cookbook - Trish Hilferty, Tom Norrington-Davies and Jason Lowe (Boek)

Product Description
Sure to establish itself as the new benchmark on the subject, this cookbook features game in all its forms—furred, feathered, and fish. It shows that game offers many wonderful and affordable choices for the home cook and just how easy it is to source, prepare, and cook—something that precious few cooks seem to realize. Written with extreme clarity, insight, and passion, and divided into chapters on "four legs," "two legs," and "no legs," this book explores every possible part of the world of game that a cook could ever wish to know. Fully illustrated throughout, the stunning photography is fittingly all-encompassing and informative. Recipes include Pigeon and Foie Gras Pastry; Pot-roast Mallard, Quince and Star Anise; Venison Osso Bucco; Deep-fried, Bread-crumbed Rabbit; Seared Rare Tuna and Peppercorns; and Wild Boar "Vindaloo."

About the Author
Trish Hilferty is the author of Gastropub Classics and Fish and Chips and Tom Norrington-Davies is the author of Just Like Mother Used to Make. They are two of the most highly respected chefs working in London today. Jason Lowe is a food and travel photographer whose work appears in the Williams-Sonoma cookbook series, including Williams-Sonoma Kids Baking.

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