woensdag 27 november 2013

God Bless America: Religious Affiliations of Presidents, From George Washington to Barack Obama by John Q. Public (Boek)

Product Description
This short document is intended to show how the leaders of our country – the Presidents of the United States – have often embraced and recognized religion and specifically GOD in their lives and in the blessings He has bestowed upon America.

Presidents from George Washington up through Barack Obama are listed, along with their religious affiliation if any. Also listed for each President is one of their (often historically important) references to God or faith, included to highlight how the majority of these leaders did not cast religion aside, but rather relied on their faith in God to guide them and this great country. These are taken from Inaugural Addresses, Presidential Proclamations, personal letters and other sources.

"John Q. Public" is a name often used to refer to an ordinary citizen - a man of the street - or a common man. Similar to the "Joe the Plumber" reference made famous in the 2008 Presidential debates by Senator John McCain, it generally refers to a working-class man rather than one of the elite.

The name first came into use as a character drawn in 1922 by an editorial cartoonist named Vaughn Shoemaker, who worked for the Chicago Daily News. Shoemaker won two Pulitzer Prizes for Editorial Cartooning.

The name is sometimes used by police to refer to people who are unlikely to commit crimes - the common man versus criminals. Perhaps the ninety-nine percent versus the one percent.

The writings of this modern-day "John Q. Public" are meant to give information to the people he represents - the men and woman of middle and lower class America, the working people, the people this country truly belongs to.


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