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Green Living Tips at Home: Reduce Usage and Wastes {Scott Naturals} (Overig)

April 20, 2012 By Deanna 1 Comment
Earth Day is on it’s way! Have you tried anything new around your home to live a little greener? We have been using our Scott Naturals™ products along with the 4-week test drive pledge for about 3 weeks now and we’re loving them! In addition, our family has been working on a few different ways to reduce usage and wastes of various things around our household. Here’s what we’re doing:

Washing Laundry With Cold Water – saving the electricity required to heat the water, our clothes have still come out nice and clean.

Add or remove clothing and blankets – When it’s cold, we are using sweaters and extra blankets at home rather than running the heater all night. When it’s warm, we’re opening the windows for fresh air and wearing light clothing instead of running the air conditioner.

Monitor toilet paper usage – Our Scott Naturals™ toilet paper rolls are made with 40% recycled fibers, which is a great start! In addition, I have been monitoring toilet paper use with my son and myself, and a little with the hubs. Do you really need to unravel the roll at lightening speed, using 74 squares just to blow your nose? Probably not. And instead of throwing the used toilet paper in the trash can, I toss it into the toilet so it can go down with the next flush instead of making it’s way to a land fill.

Regulating Shower and Sink Usage – We have been keeping a watch on the time while we shower. Also, turning the water down to half-pressure while showering, washing your hands, and brushing your teeth uses less water and still does the job!

Double checking before we trash it – We have found all sorts of stuff to do with our “trash”. As long as it’s clean, we can dream up ways to reuse it! Cereal boxes are turned inside out to color on, cardboard boxes become playhouses and juice bottles can be used again to make fresh lemonade or orange juice. Had a plastic zipper bag with crackers in it for lunch? Use it again tomorrow!

We stopped using the dishwasher – Now we’re washing dishes as we go, much less water usage. We might go ahead with the dishwasher on Thanksgiving, though

These steps may seem small, but they make a difference, trust me! I have been doing a water meter experiment, I am going to compare this months bill with last months to see the difference in water usage. I also posted a fun recycling tip last week and my natural homemade cleaner, toxin free!

What do you do around your house to conserve energy, water and wastes? Do you have any other tips you can share? Leave a comment! To learn more about the Scott Naturals™ 4-Week Test Drive, take the plegde and help out on the road to a greener earth.

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