vrijdag 29 november 2013

Heavenly Soles: Extraordinary 20th Century Shoes

Product Description
Shoes might seem like mundane necessities, but over the years they have often been the subject of extravagant, quirky and fanciful design. Perhaps because feet and footwear have held such an important position in so many cultures, "Heavenly Soles" reveals the changing position of women in the 20th century - the first era in which it has been fashionable for them to walk, freely and comfortably, and in which shoes have been designed for fit and balance. Despite the inevitable decline in craftsmanship and the general trend towards practicality, this book shows that extravagant fancy has continued to thrive in the work of such wildly imaginative 20th-century designers as Vivier, Ferragamo, Perugia, Charles Jourdan, Manolo Blahnik and Maud Frizon, as well as other important but until now largely overlooked designers. Organized as an historical survey of the finest European and American shoe design, the text is illustrated with new photography and historical black-and-whites, and concludes with a newly updated international compendium of the best of late-20th-century designers.


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