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How Our Emergency Fund Gave Us Peace In the Midst of Grief (Overig)

Testimonial from Kim of Kimz Kitchen

I’ve always been a planner. And when we decided to try for our third little baby back in October of 2011, we knew we should begin setting aside cash for our high deductible insurance plan. Using our Health Savings Account, we were able to set aside money (tax free) each week from my husband’s paychecks.

I was also very thankful that we had our Emergency Fund. After two miscarriages and a few medical bills that our insurance didn’t cover, we again realized the importance of keeping that fund stocked at all times.

In June of 2012, we found out we were pregnant again. We were ecstatic! But, in August, we found out our sweet baby boy, Kyle Nathaniel, had a fatal genetic condition that would most likely claim his life before he was even born. This was certainly not in MY perfect plans.

As agonizing as the next several months were, the financial costs of a labor and delivery — immediately followed by a funeral and burial, were not a concern to us.

Little Kyle was born into Heaven after 31 wonderful weeks of life where he knew only love — right into Heaven, where he’ll forever know only love. God allowed his precious tiny body to be born into our arms on December 19th, 2012.

At that point, our HSA was funded to cover our deductible, and our emergency fund was available to cover the costs of the burial 3 days after his birth.

Our little guy had a huge impact on thousands during his short life. Even now, his video is being shown in crisis pregnancy centers and in OBGYN offices around the country. His memorial fund for Compassion International will sponsor a Mother Baby Survival Center in South America for 39 months.

I wouldn’t trade the 220 days we had with him for anything.

Now, as we are recovering, we are working to restock our fund. I’ve kept my grieving mind and and empty hands busy this month de-cluttering our home and selling our things on Craigslist. There are even a few local “yard sale” Facebook pages I’ve had great success with selling things on.

We spent the month of January living on a tight budget, with minimal eating out and only spending money on necessary things, to put all of our extra cash into our emergency fund, and at this point, we’re pretty close to getting it right back to where it was a few months ago.

Sometimes, I think we think of that emergency fund as being a go-to account for flat tires, or blown transmissions, or repairing central heating units. I never planned to use it to bury one of my children. And while our specific case is certainly rare, having an unexpected expense that you haven’t planned for is not. I can’t say enough about the peace of mind that an emergency fund can give when peace can otherwise be very difficult to find. 
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