dinsdag 26 november 2013

How to Cook Happy Party Food (Mood Food) - Rebecca Shirley (Boek)

The success of any party is evaluated by how happy and satisfied your guests feel when they leave the venue, and that is the whole reason of holding a party. The most difficult task you will face is to get all your guests into the party mood, since each of your guests will be in a different mood based on what went through them that day. They can be good mood or bad mood, but all that should not be your concerns. Your party should be a place of bringing every positive factor to them, release their bad mood, make them happy, and further excite their good mood.
Here are few things which may help you set the mood of your party:

Music: Nothing can be as refreshing as great music in the party. There is an amazing relation between music and emotions of the people. Music is simple and subtle, yet it is a powerful way to change the party mood. If you want to trigger a wave of refreshing mood among your guests, start with some scores of pleasant music. Pick the scores based on the spirit of your party, environment and mood of the guests.
Lighting: If you are planning to arrange the party in the evening, consider proper lighting. Lighting gives life to a well-organized party. Your choice of lighting should align with the occasion, theme and venue of the party. However, too much lighting can spoil the mood of the party.

Decoration: You do not have to spend a fortune to have an elegant party decoration. Select an impressive theme and match the décor of your party with it. Whether it is a birthday celebration or a wedding reception, your decoration should be able to create an ambiance that matches the occasion.

Food: Food plays a major role in making a party memorable. People generally remember the food served in the parties, and the mood of the food brings to them. Since this book is called “happy party food”, we will focus on giving you options on how to tackle this most important factor of your party. We carefully chose the food which is easy to prepare, and meets the 5 important needs on party food: Hunger, Energy, Social, Hygiene, and Fun.

In this book, 20 amazing party food recipes are introduced. All of them have one or more ingredients that can make people HAPPY. From Appetizer to dessert, the book offered not only quick and easy recipes to follow, but also all the FUN for you and your guests.


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