maandag 25 november 2013

How to Organize Your Handbag: Chaos Theory Perfects Your Purse (Overig)

By Dayna Brandoff

How many times has this happened to you – you hear your cell phone ringing, but you can’t find the thing in the black hole of your handbag before it goes to voicemail? Or – you’re standing outside your front door, desperately searching for your keys in a pose that resembles The Karate Kid’s “Crane” as you balance your bag on your knee.

When you carry your life around on your shoulder, it can be difficult to find the thing you need when you need it. Let’s make it easier, shall we?

- I carry a pretty big bag because I like to be prepared for anything the day might throw at me. In addition to the usual suspects, my bag might be holding an extra pair of shoes, a hardcover book and/or an umbrella (picture Mary Poppins pulling a floor lamp out of her tote and you’ve got my level of preparedness). Because I want to be able to find what I’m looking for, I always look for a bag with at least a two pockets (zippered or otherwise). I like the inner pocket to hold my phone and keys (and that’s all!) – making it the one place I have to look to solve the situations I previously mentioned. An outer pocket is great for your Metrocard, eliminating the need to rifle through your purse in the middle of the subway station.

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- You already have an organizing accessory in your bag – your wallet! Think about it – it’s the one place where you store all the finances you carry around all day. Make it go one step further – look for a wallet with a divided billfold area. Use one side for cash and one side for receipts. (I’m sure you’ve got quite a few of those floating around that bag…) Instead of just throwing receipts into your purse, (c’mon, you know you do that,) get in the habit of putting the receipt away at the same time you return your change or your credit card to its rightful place. Store loyalty cards are another great thing to store in this “receipt” section. You’ll be more likely to see the card and remember to hand it to your manicurist for that tenth stamp when you’re paying!

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- Containerize – A big bag is great, but the little stuff can easily get lost. Already carry a makeup case full of makeup? Implement another one! Find a fun one to hold all the small loose items that float around at the bottom of your bag. Next time you’re looking for your lipbalm/hand sanitizer/Advil/hair thing/eye drops, you’ll simply have to reach for the designated case, rather than dig through the contents of your entire bag!

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Implementing just one of these tips will help you get your handbag in order – implementing all of them might just ensure that you never miss another phone call. Of course, don’t forget to turn the ringer up – I can’t help you hear the phone ring…I can only help you find it.

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