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How to Simplify and Enjoy Housework (Overig)

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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Sarah of Teenage Minimalist.

Cleaning is something we all have to do, but few of us actually enjoy it. Why? It’s usually boring and overwhelming. Like most teenagers, I always dreaded it. Whether it was scrubbing a disgusting pot of leftover mac and cheese, or vacuuming the bedroom floor, I wasn’t a happy camper. I learned pretty quickly never to complain about being bored. Without fail, Momma would answer with, “Oh really? I have a lot you can do!”. We all knew what that meant.

Little did I know, my attitude would completely change a couple of years later. Mostly thanks to a good friend, whose love of cleaning rubbed off on me. I can honestly say that I look forward to it now! Here are a few simple tips that have helped me.

•put your dirty clothes directly in the washer instead of collecting it in hampers
•wash with cold water and stop sorting laundry(clothes don’t bleed and it saves energy)
•have a place for everything
•pick up as you go
•avoid collectibles and knickknacks(they make dusting a nightmare)
•clean messes right after they happen
•wash your plate after you eat
•pare down your dishware
•eliminate the unnecessary
•clear surfaces
•don’t let chores pile up
•clean in spurts throughout the day
•store things out of sight
•listen to music while you work
•create a cleaning playlist
•dance a little
•look at things in a new way
•sing or hum
•turn it into a game, think like a little kid
•be mindful and focus on each task
•use it as thinking time
Hopefully that gives you a few ideas! What are some of the ways you’ve simplified your housework?
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