dinsdag 26 november 2013

I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded by Kate Pocrass (Boek)

This colorfully illustrated, guided travel journal encourages users to explore the easily overlooked and wonderful everyday details encountered while traveling, whether near or far away. Packed with unique and fulfilling journeys that can be undertaken in any city, as well as prompts to record every whimsical discovery, each page is a surprise. Other features include: plenty of space to capture addresses, itineraries, reviews, and tips from locals; a reference section with time zones, measurements, and other relevant information; graphic pages for note taking; and a back pocket for collecting ephemera. Filled with appealing illustrations and unexpected inspirations, this quirky journal is sure to bring out the adventurer in every traveler.

About the Author
Kate Pocrass is a San Francisco-based artist whose work has been exhibited in venues throughout the world.

whimsical, creative travel journal, July 21, 2011
i'm the kind of traveler who makes an intense itinerary before leaving home and race from major tourist attraction A to major tourist attraction B. it's terrible really. i first picked up this journal because i was attracted to it's charming illustrations. as i flipped through it, i realized that it was so much more than your average travel journal. of course you have the usual things... measurement conversions, common phrases in different languages, and time zones. but it also has an international dumpling guide (my favorite part of this journal... korea - mandu, germany - klopse, india - samosa) and international coffee and tea traditions. the pages are filled with suggestions to get you to sit back and really observe your surroundings and catch all the little interesting bits that you may overlook while running between museums and historical sites. anything from "draw every item within your reach at this very moment" to "ask a stranger what they spread on their toast". there's also plenty of space to plan your day and write mini reviews of the restaurants you eat at. if you take the time to actually use this journal (although it's almost too pretty to write in), you will end up with a truly magnificent souvenir.


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