dinsdag 26 november 2013

Inspired Styles by Assouline (Boek)

In the rich and eclectic world of interiors, it is the designers who remind us that the spaces we inhabit can be timeless works of art. Colorful and lushly photographed, INSPIRED STYLES is an anthology of the ideas, creative palettes, and select works of fifteen exemplars of interior style, each of whom designs for the Kravet and Lee Jofa Fabrics and Furnishings Company.

Inviting readers to discover their creative processes, each designer describes what inspires and guides their unique and world-appreciated aesthetic. With vibrant photographs depicting their work, first-person texts by the designers themselves, and punctuated with a foreword by House and Garden s editor-in-chief, Dominique Browning, Inspired Styles is not only an object d art, it is an invaluable reference for both amateurs and professionals who aspire towards remarkable interiors and beautiful living spaces.

Pretty pictures included for each designer. Book as a whole seems bland. Should have gotten more off-beat designer/decorators- too much beige and too many shells and buddahs! Not really "good" taste- just alot of the same. While you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, it seems lovely to think someone is inpired by spices and purses and flowers, etc.
But the inspirations on the inside were mostly one-word answers, almost completely devoid of descriptive language. Would have wanted more.



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