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Introducing: The Brilliant Marketing Tricks Blog Series (Overig)

I've been keeping a little secret from you. I've been boiling up something huge behind the scenes for you to enjoy + I'm so excited to finally be able to reveal the big surprise. Yipeee!

Oh my gosh, I'm jumping up + down my seat right now, I really can't control the excitement! I'll get right to it, before I kill you of suspense or curiosity.

The gigantic news I have to tell you is that I've teamed up with 10 other highly successful out-of-this-world creative entrepreneurs to bring you the most amazing blog series in the blogosphere about BRILLIANT MARKETING TRICKS that really work + make you money.

The goal is to teach you a whole lot about marketing to help your creative biz sky rocket to new height + share with you some awesome marketing tips + strategies that are highly profitable. Over the next two weeks, we will be blogging about the marketing tricks that have brought much success to our creative businesses + showing you how to put these ideas into action.

Why a marketing series?

Creative entrepreneurs + makers have a hard time coming up with ideas for marketing their business. It's the number one question I'm asked by my peers + novices, alike. It comes up in workshops + forums + one-on-one sessions + in casual conversations. The subject of marketing seems to always be on our minds, so I wanted to tackle it head on in this series.

Why you should follow this marketing series?

Marketing matters, a lot - and this is not just my marketing concentration speaking here. Marketing tells a story that spread virally. Marketing is the medium which transmits an idea - your idea + your product + your brand + your business + your cause. And I'm not talking about yelling or spamming. I'm not talking about creating a product that is hampered + selfish + boring. I'm not talking about making a silly video that 10 thousand people see that doesn't market you or your business in a tangible + useful way. I'm talking about brilliant marketing that transforms lives + creates impressions + causes change + moves customers + inspires fans + connects hearts + delights a crowd + leads a tribe. I'm talking about brilliant marketing tricks that tell your potential readers why they should spend 10 minutes reading your post, instead of some other bloggers article + show your potential customers why they should buy your product, instead of some other makers product + enlighten your potential clients about why they should book a session with you, instead of some other dude's or gal's service.

As creative entrepreneurs we no longer have the money + time + energy or platforms to bombard or promote our way up the success ladder by burning through the market. So, now more than ever before, we must get pretty crafty + very creative with the way we put ourselves out + the manner in which we deliver our messages + stories.

Go down the list of highly successful creative empires + entrepreneurs out there. Think about it, all the big winners are leaders that use brilliant marketing tricks to spread their idea + business. You see... marketing is huge! A critical component of any growing plan to success should always include a well thought out marketing strategy.

True, brilliant marketing takes hard work + strategic planning + valuable ideas + products worth spreading. But, thanks to this BRILLIANT MARKETING TRICKS BLOG SERIES you will have at your finger tips a kick ass guide + instruction manual + model to show you how. You are not alone, all 11 of us are here to help you shine!

When + Who?

Now that we're all pumped + fired up about using marketing to grow your biz, let me disclose the amazing team of creative entrepreneurs that will show you how to hit it big + become marketing geniuses. Here's the BRILLIANT MARKETING TRICKS BLOG SERIES line up with dates + topics + marketers:

Monday Nov 8: Introduction to the Blog Series - Mayi Carles from heartmade

Tuesday Nov 9: E-bookology: The Formula for a Killer E-book - Tim Adam from Handmadeology

Wednesday Nov 10: Why Relationship Matter More than Any Other Marketing Tactic - April Bowles from Blacksburgbelle

Thursday Nov 11 (double dose): Podcast + Interviews - Srinivas Rao from The Skool of Life / Taking the Icky Out of Schticky - Jena Coray from Miss Modish

Friday Nov 12: How to Market Your Service with a Magnifying Glass - Tara Gentile from Scoutie Girl

Monday Nov 15: 30 Sticky Tricks to Market Your Online Shop - Mayi Carles from heartmade

Tuesday Nov 16: Using Local Events to Promote Your Business - Mallory from Miss Malaprop

Wednesday Nov 17: How to Use Video to Market Your Business Online - Nathalie Lussier from Raw Food Witch

Thursday Nov 18 (double dose): Marketing Tricks for Your Facebook + Twitter - Irene Zuccarello from Imaginative Bloom / Tricky with Flickr + Pinterest - Nancy from Wolf and Willow

Friday Nov 19: Four Simple Steps to Building Your Brand - Brittni Mehlhoff from Paper N' Stitch

Psst… I highly recommend subscribing to each of the blogs above, so you don’t miss out on any of these amazing posts.

I hope you are as excited as we are about this event! If so, please help us spread the love + word to others who you think would benefit from reading this blog series. And, of course, as always, I would love to know your impressions + thoughts. Use the comment box below to share.

Mayi Carles

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