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Jamie Deen's Good Food: Cooking Up a Storm with Delicious, Family-Friendly Recipes - (Boek) 

Anyone with a family knows that settling down means stepping things up—changing the way you live and eat for the better. My first solo cookbook, Jamie Deen's Good Food, is truly reflective of my "grown up" life as a husband, father and cook—my personal style, tastes and values, which always includes sitting down together as a family over a home-cooked meal that everyone can enjoy. In this book I put my personal and professional skills to the test to create great family dishes that are fresh, seasonal, healthy, and appeal to adults and kids alike. Broken down into simple chapters like From the Ground Up, Soup Kitchen, By Sea, Hand Holdin', and The Big Payoff, the book also features a special section in the back called Rooster’s Café featuring a handful of my 6-year-old son Jack's kid-friendly recipes that I hope will have the same positive impact on young cooks as the first cookbook Mama gave me. Each of the 125 tried and true recipes in this book includes accompanying photography, prep and cooking times, helpful tips such as how to dress up a meal for adults (or dress it down for the kids), inspiring ideas for leftovers or how to pick the right produce. Of course, this book wouldn’t be complete without my family's influence, so I’ve included photographs of my mama Paula, my brother Bobby, my Uncle Bubba, my beautiful wife Brooke, and our two precious boys Jack and Matthew. I'm also happy to give y'all an insider's look at our unique city, Savannah, and the surrounding lowcountry.

Rounding out the book's fresh, contemporary design are personal family stories and sidebars with hints about how to get your whole family enthusiastic about cooking—and eating well. From a Roasted Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons to a Homemade Black Bean Burger with Pico de Gallo, Crispy Parmesan Chicken Cutlets with Arugula and Avocado to Grilled Salmon on White Wine Soaked Cedar Planks, Jack's Favorite Toffee Blondies to The Deen Family Eggnog, Collard Greens with Drop Corn Dumplings and Pack It Up! Bag Lady Salads, I really believe that the recipes in my book, Jamie Deen's Good Food, will bring as much satisfaction and happiness to your home as they've brought to ours.

Editorial Reviews
Starred Review. "Fans of Food Network personality Paula Deen are well acquainted with her sons Jamie and Bobby through her program, as well as their own culinary travel show, 'Road Tasted.' This companion piece to the series recounts their visits to mom-and-pop establishments across the country, alongside the Deens' own take on featured establishments' signature dishes. Readers need not be familiar with the program to find the book useful, as the brothers offer a selection of dishes ranging from regional specialties such as Lobster Rolls and Brats to Truffles and Rosemary Lamb Chops. Some recipes, such as a basic cole slaw, require little preparation, and more involved recipes like Crab Corn Cakes with Basil-Jalapeno Sauce are still relatively easy to prepare. The book's focus on specific locales and their dishes elevates it a step above most of its type; instead of offering a basic recipe for grits, for example, the Deens offer a twist: two ounces of goat cheese. Traditional thumbprint cookies benefit from ground pecans incorporated into dough which is then rolled in chopped pecans; and corn bread is greatly enhanced by the chopped bacon and sautéed apples folded into the batter. These memorable touches guarantee that this cookbook quickly becomes dog-eared from regular use." (Publishers Weekly, for DEEN BROS. COOKBOOK)

"Food Network stars The Deen Brothers give home cooks 125 ideas for quick meals in this accessible collection. Emphasizing comfort foods like Cheeseburger Casserole, Mini Meat Loaves and Spaghetti and Meatballs, the Deen brothers give harried cooks plenty of options for getting dinner on the table with a minimum of investment or fuss. A handful of crockpot recipes and a dozen kid-friendly recipes for items like Pecan Catfish Fish Sticks, quesadillas and beans and franks will be welcomed by busy parents. Thoughtful organization-placing suggested sides for for burgers, Honey Mustard Baked Chicken and Grilled Chicken Breasts with Brown Sugar Pineapple Rings on subsequent pages-minimizes in-kitchen page-flipping. Fans of the Deen boys' mom, Paula Deen, will be pleased to see the apples falling close to the tree, as evidenced by Pimiento Mac and Cheese, Grilled Bacon and Cheese Jalapeno Poppers, Shrimp and Grits and Panfried PB & J. An accessible mix of the familiar and gently tweaked standards (Mini Macaroni Pies, Grilled Tilapia Po Boys), busy fans of Deen family cooking will likely devour this latest volume." (Publishers Weekly, for DEEN BROS. TAKE IT EASY)
About the Author
Jamie Deen is an entrepreneur, businessman, author and son of American cooking and lifestyle icon Paula Deen. The host of Food Network's "Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen," he is also the best-selling author of four cookbooks written with his brother, Bobby Deen. Jamie lives with his wife, Brooke, and their two children in Savannah, where he also co-owns with his mother and brother the widely successful restaurant, The Lady & Sons.Visit him online

Previous cookbooks:
The Deen Bros. Cookbook Recipes from the Road (2007), Y'all Come Eat (2008), Take It Easy (2009) and Get Fired Up (2011) 
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